I graduated in classical dance at the “Institut del Teatre de Barcelona”. Later, I joined ITDansa young company directed by Catherine Allard where I had the chance to work with several choreographers like Ury Igvy, Raffael Bonachela, Gustavo Ramirez, Jo Stromgren among others. I worked since then as a freelance with several companies like Gisele Vienne (FR), Kamuyot from Batsheva Dance Company (IS/SE), La Veronal (SP), Carte Blanche Dance Company (NO), Jasmin Vardimon (UK), Kobalt Works (BE), Arounidance (NO), Anderssons Dance (SE),  Ingri Fiksdal dans (NO), Manuel Rodriguez (SP).

Currently I’m doing a TTC on Iyengar Yoga in Copenhague and studing Anthropology at UOC university.



In the latest years I've been quite interested on researching around Digital Culture in relation to the body. Currently, I work on this research through choreography as well as through anthropological studies, which offers me a theorethical frame and inspiration for my creations. 

David le Breton writes about the modern notion of body linked to the increasing individualitic society we live in. He exposes that individualism has taken us into a new conception of the body: a body-accesory conception, where the body seems to increasingly be an accesory dispensable from ourselves. I wonder if through social media we are closer to others than never before but at the same time further than never before from ourselves.

Personally, I have noticed in recent years, a general trend in our society towards holistic disciplines and non dualístic visions. There has been an increased interest in physical activities such as dance, sports, yoga, martial arts; most disciplines related to body experience and with a non dualístic nature, often influenced by Eastern culture. Is this a way to alleviate the reduced physical experience we have in daily life in part due to the digitalization of work and social interacctions? Which is the origin of the desire for these physical and holistic practices? Is it just a collective conviction of a paradigm shift, stuck in an intellectual framework? Are we living in the cemented bases rooted three centuries ago by descartes dualistic visions?


Some of my works are La Muda, piece created for Carte Blanche Dance Company in collaboration with the norwegian musician GMM (Gisle Martens Meyer). LOGIN (an adaptation of La Muda with a catalan cast), presented at Salmon Festival in Barcelona in 2014. PORTAL, a solo premiered in Norway Oktoberdans Festival 2014 and in Sala Hiroshima (Barcelona), SPAM, a short piece finalist at the first “Premi de Dansa Institut del Teatre de Barcelona”, 2015. Besides this creations I’ve allways enjoyed creating solos and I have few short pieces. Currently I’m working on a new solo work called LIKES.

I’ve been assisting and collaborating during 5 years with Arco Renz / Kobalt Works (Belgium) in dance projects developed and premiered in countries such as Cambodia, Philippines, Vietnam and Korea. This travels and work has been an infinit box of knowledge and inspiration in many levels that I’m still processing. 

I’ve been collaborating and closely in touch with CRA'P (Center for Research and Art Pactices) at Mollet del Vallès, where I have developed some of my work. I was selected as “Hiroshima Artist” during 2015, artist in residence at la Caldera les Corts (Barcelona) 2015 and artist in residency at Graner de Barcelona in 2012.

Press (català):

Núvol: Ara és un bon moment per redescobrir el cos ballem per tornar a viure



I give classes and workshops where I use contemporary dance technic mixed with improvisation excercises. I like to challenge a sensitive an intuitive body as well as the anatomical or thinking body by combining improvisation and sensorial excercises with choreographed movements or technic. I like to experience the body as well in relation to time and space and I also propose exercises to aproach movement from a creative side.

I'm very thankful to all I learned from my teachers and choreographers I worked with and I base my teaching on that. So classes has different stiles learned through my experience as a dancer and choreographer. 

I've given workshops and classes through Carte Blanche Dance Company in Norway, at Salmon Festival 2014, at TragantDansa, Espai Bokashi (Menorca), Cra'p (Mollet del Vallès), Kobalt Works (Belgium)...